DIY Lean-To Roof Blinds

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Pleated Roof Blinds are popular choice in conservatories to keep you cooler in summer and warmer in winter.
Please call 01642 762497 for advise before placing your order if you have any uncertainty about measuring your blinds as this is a made to measure product and alterations cannot be made after the product has been manufactured to your measurements.  
How to measure a deep beamed lean-to conservatory
Preparation is key, make sure you have a good quality tape measure, pen and paper ready.
We advise all measurements should be taken in mm (millimetres) for a more accurate measure.
(1) Measure between each beam as shown in purple then deduct 10mm from each measurement.
These are your widths shown in purple, you are deducting the 10mm to allow for beams which run un-true and allow a better fit of your blind.
(2) Finally measure the length (drop) as shown in red, this should be from where the blind is going to be mounted, normally the fascia to the top of your conservatory.
How to measure a flat beam or aluminium lean-to conservatory
(1) Pencil mark the Centre of each beam as shown in red
(2) Measure from the end of the conservatory to the pencil mark at the centre of the first beam then deduct 10mm from your size, continue to measure from pencil mark to pencil mark deducting 10mm from each measurement until you reach the end.
These are your widths as shown in green, you are deducting the 10mm to allow for beams which run un-true allowing for a better installation of the blind.
(3) Finally measure the length (drop) as shown in yellow, this should be from the point where the blind is going to be mounted, normally the fascia to the top of your conservatory.

Professional Measuring Service Available

Eliminate the hassle and uncertainty of measuring for your lean-to conservatory roof blinds with our professional measuring service. We understand that the unique angles of a conservatory can make DIY measuring a daunting task, fraught with the risk of inaccuracies. That’s why our experienced team is here to take the stress out of the process, providing you with precise and reliable measurements every time.

Our experts arrive equipped with advanced tools and techniques, ensuring every measurement is exact and tailored to your conservatory’s unique architecture. By trusting us with this critical step, you can avoid the common pitfalls of mismeasurements that lead to ill-fitting blinds and unnecessary frustration. We handle the measuring offering you peace of mind for when you carry out your installation.


Enhance your Home Insulation with Honeycomb Blinds

Did you realize that, as per OFGEM, the average household allocates approximately £1,254 annually to heating and power expenses, potentially ranking among the highest overheads for households in the UK? Our windows directly confront the elements, and Cellular blinds emerge as a solution that can significantly impact your home.

As the temperature decreases, it becomes imperative to contemplate strategies for insulating your home in preparation for the upcoming winter. Given reports suggesting that this year may be one of the coldest on record, incorporating Honeycomb blinds becomes crucial as the primary line of defense for your windows.

Now, let's delve into the mechanics of how Cellular blinds operate.


It’s hexagonal structures connect to create effective little air pockets that when the blind is extended, slows down thermal transfer from your windows.


The air cavity created by the cell creates a clever and effective additional insulation factor to keep the heat in and the cold out.


If you'd like to let some winter sunlight in to heat your home naturally, simply pull up your blinds as you wish and close again that evening to trap all that natural heat inside.


What sets Honeycomb blinds apart is that they offer more than just a seasonal solution for winter, they deliver year-round temperature management. In winter, the cozy indoor air tends to escape through windows, leaving your home colder and resulting in soaring heating bills. Similarly, during summer, outdoor heat effortlessly penetrates your windows, warming the interior—particularly bothersome if you have an air conditioning system or multiple fans running throughout the day. Regardless of the season, Honeycomb blinds diligently maintain a balanced temperature, ensuring cost savings and alleviating stress throughout the entire year.

Our Honeycomb collection boasts a dynamic and colorful range that reflects the essence of contemporary tastes and trends. What's more, the blackout option provides heightened privacy for your home. As an innovative home solution, Honeycomb blinds can also be motorized, delivering complete shading flexibility and enabling full control with just the touch of a button. This not only adds a modern touch but also contributes to energy-conscious living.


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