DIY Roof Blinds Fitting Instructions

How the product arrives once opened.

1) Make sure you have a pencil at the ready, before removing any of the elastic bands or paper seals

2) Offer blinds up to the panels which you have measured for marking where you are going to install brackets.

3) Most blinds will require 4 or 6 brackets for each blind (depending on the width). Up to 700mm width you will receive 4 brackets - (2 for each fixing rail), over 700mm width blind you will receive 6 brackets - (3 for each fixing rail).

4) Space brackets out evenly to avoid where the tension adjustment screws are located – We recommend fixing brackets 150mm from edge of rail.

Installing brackets

5) Drill a small pilot hole through the plastic into the aluminium behind the facia end first (most facia’s will pull away to reveal the aluminium behind) or if your conservatory is wood just screw straight into the wood. Then try to mirror this at the top where possible making for a neater fit. Fit the long lip of the bracket showing at the top for a neater appearance. The lip is there should you ever need to remove the blind from its bracket later.

Attaching the blind

6) Remove all elastic bands from the nylons and cords, Leave Paper Seal Attached. The top rail is now free to move from the fabric.

7) Pull so all the nylon wires pull through from the button rail making sure none are twisted. Clip button rail into the lower brackets making sure none of the nylon wires are trapped behind – same for the blank rail at the top of the conservatory.

Tensioning Nylon & Cords

8) Firstly, Remove Paper Seal - The 3 tension screw buttons located on the front of your blinds, pull down the lower rail with one hand while pulling the guide wire until this is guitar string tight. Once you’re happy with the tension release your hand holding the wire and tighten the screw, be careful not to overtighten as you might cut through the nylon - Repeat procedure for all nylon wires.

9) Now add tension to the cord, same procedure but you don’t require as much tension as nylon wires.

10) When adding tension just slide the blind slightly back and forth till you start to feel a little resistance in its operation.

11) Once the tension has been completed on the cord and nylon wires, tie a small knot up close to the button where the cord / nylon come out then cut off the excess for a neat finish.

Installation Completed


If you are unsure about installing your product or have any questions relating to the installation, please don’t hesitate to call us as we are more than happy to offer support and advise.
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