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Infusion Asc Pale Blue


  • Ideal for conservatories
  • Stunning fabric designs
  • A tremendous collection of colours
  • Energy efficient fabrics to save you money

The average household can expect to see a 15% annual saving on energy bills by installing energy efficient blinds. Not only do window blinds save you money, they can make your home a more relaxing and comfortable environment to live in.

On especially warm days an unprotected conservatory can have 'the greenhouse effect', leaving it uninhabitable due to extreme heat. This is caused by infrared radiation transmitting through, and being absorbed by the glass. Conservatory Blinds Direct offer Advanced Solar Control (ASC) technology in their specially coated fabrics that reflect solar radiation, reducing up to 66% of heat build up.

Maximize the use of your conservatory all year round, whether it’s for family and friends to enjoy, or simply providing more space to relax and entertain.    

Once You Have Your Exact Measurements For The Width Of Each Blind, Please Reduce Each One By 10mm To Account For Easier Fitting.

Step 1: Guide Price Selection

Select your up-to measurments from the options below, if your size is over the measurement shown in the box please select the next size up.

Step 2: Select Finish Details And Enter Exact Window Measurements

Step 3: Number Of Blinds At This Size


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